Rural America is facing an economic crisis...

More than half of all farm households now lose money on their operations each year.
Average farm income in the U.S. has declined 44 percent since 2013.


Foreign countries are imposing harsh tariffs on U.S. agricultural products, destroying billions in rural revenue.
The EPA’s outdated regulations restrict sales of 15-percent ethanol blends (E15) every summer, cutting off choices for consumers and markets for biofuels.
The EPA handed out secret waivers to major oil companies, taking billions of gallons of biofuels off the market – at the expense of farm families.
Not content with secret waiver handouts, oil lobbyists are working to roll back the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which would hurt American farmers.

American farmers are the most productive growers in the world. They don’t want a handout. They want to tear down regulatory barriers standing in the way of new markets for crops and overcome a devastating economic downturn in rural communities.

We are currently in the worst rural recession since the 1980s. Farm income has plummeted, and vital markets for U.S. agricultural goods are being crushed by government restrictions and foreign trade barriers, leaving many communities across the American Heartland wondering what comes next.

Growing markets for American-made biofuels can unleash a wave of new demand for billions of bushels of grain. That potential new demand is a pathway for the hardworking Americans who feed and fuel this world to fight their way out of an economic crisis.

President Trump has promised to lift outdated government regulations on biofuels that would revitalize the market for U.S. crops, but time is running out. Federal restrictions on the sale of biofuels will kick in on June 1, 2019 if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not act on President Trump’s promise to Midwest farmers to stop holding back growth.

The EPA must act now to lift outdated RVP regulations, so retailers can sell higher blends of ethanol – like E15 – year-round.
New biofuel markets could drive demand for billions of bushels of surplus grains – putting money back into the pockets of farmers.
Policymakers must protect the RFS to accelerate production of homegrown biofuels, helping restore growth in rural communities.
By forcing the EPA to stand by President Trump’s promises, policymakers can put farmers back on a level playing field.

Higher blends of ethanol, like E15, can pull rural America back from the brink of an economic disaster. EPA must act now to unleash homegrown fuels.

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